Product Compliance made easy

With Chemity, it becomes easy to ensure that your products meet the legal requirements throughout the entire supply chain – regardless of industry. Chemity is a new and easy-to-use system designed to manage Product Compliance in a structured and efficient way.

Manages complex legal requirements for products


Chemity identifies current legal requirements for your products and keeps track of updates and other changes.


Chemity collects product information for all components and substances from the entire supply chain, with full discretion.


Chemity provides real-time status of your products, facilitates the assessment of legal compliance and guides you through the necessary actions.


Chemity helps you report information to authorities and provide customers with requested information.


Identify current legal requirements and keep track of changes

Chemity supports the process of identifying current legal requirements for your products and automatically monitors changes in legislation for the products you register. This reduces the risks of a product violating legal requirements in the future, thereby damaging sales and brand reputation.


Collect data from the supply chain

Chemity simplifies the collection and management of product data from suppliers, ensuring efficient administration and enabling data gathering from multiple tiers back in the chain. The process occurs with complete confidentiality for all parties involved.

What drives us

We make it easier
for companies to develop sustainable products.

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We’ll demonstrate how the system operates within 30 minutes. Additionally, we can conduct a live test of one of your products directly in the system. 

19 dec 2023

47% of cheap electronics break the law

Nearly half of the home electronics on the Swedish market contain such large amounts of hazardous substances that they are not allowed to be sold within the EU. This is primarily because many companies are unaware of the legal requirements that apply. This is according to a report from the Swedish Chemicals Agency.

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